Motion Graphic Designer

دوام كامل
نشرت 4 سنوات منذ

Job responsibilities

  • Create visually stunning video assets and illustrations
  • Collaborate with creative directors and other colleagues to best support larger media goals
  • Animate the video assets and illustrations
  • Add music and sound effects to videos
  • Take initiative on projects to over-deliver new and innovative solutions
  • Create graphic templates for easy use by other team members and client teams
  • Adhere to brand guidelines in ways that still push creative boundaries

خصائص الوظيفة

تصنيف الوظيفةالموشن
الوظيفةMotion Graphic Designer
النوعدوام كامل
ساعات العمل8 ساعات
عدد الايام5 أيام من الأحد للخميس

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